The First Ever Blog

Our blog..... A place to give you updates that are little longer than a post on social media and also to let you know about cool stuff happening within our shop and around the diesel community. 

Well, our shop. We recently put in two more two-post lifts so that we can work on more trucks. Since we installed them, our third lift went down!! Ugh. But, it's being worked on and is half-way done.

We have one more lift going in but no time line. This is our huge four-post drive on that is our alignment and service rack. Until this rack is installed, we can't offer alignments. To get this lift in, we have some building updates to do so it may be awhile.

Next, we have a DYNO. To do this one, we also have to do some building updates and ground repair. So this one is also going to be a little while but is in the plans. We'll of course update you all as soon as we have dates for things.

About getting in.....and how things work around here...

We know, we know, we take long, we schedule far out, etc. etc. We have a growing business that is constantly evolving with supply and demand. We work 7-days a week most weeks to get trucks in and out. We extend our hours to accommodate pick-up and drop-offs. We do these things because we know how important your trucks are. We just ask for patience and understanding. We don't want your trucks here any longer than they need to be so please don't call every hour asking if your trucks done. WE WILL CALL YOU!

When we schedule you in, this is just to get your truck over to us. It may be a day or two or three before we get to look at it. If it's a problem truck, we don't know how long the diagnosis will be because we have to find the problem or duplicate it. It takes time. 

If we have jobs that can be done quickly, we'll normally push those up to free up space and keep the cash flow moving. If your truck is a big job, it will have a specific place the job has to be done and may be in a line to get into that space.

If your parts on order, we do not sit around waiting for the parts then work on your truck as soon as they get here. We'll order parts, then move on to another truck. The business has to make money to stay in operation. Idle time does not make money. Once your parts arrive, we'll work your truck back into the mix.

We provide a service that spans more than 30 years of experience in the diesel field. We kind of know what we're doing and what we're talking about. Just give us the opportunity to do our job. We are fair, we are trustworthy, and we provide the best quality work.

Lastly, we appreciate our customers and what you for our business. If we didn't offer you a sticker with your invoice, let us know and if we have available, you'll get one. Small token of gratitude for your business and an easy way to help promote us.