Multiple ways for you to get ahold of us. Please allow us time to get back to you. 

Phone: 808-348-4281

If you don't leave a message with your name and number, we can't call you back. I may have input your phone number incorrectly so by leaving it on the voicemail, I can verify it and get back to you. 


Best for estimates, schedule appointments, etc. This allows us time to get answers for your questions and also get back to you when we are not working on a truck.

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm 

Saturday- appointment only, we do not answer phones

Sunday & Holidays- CLOSED

Tow-Ins: Must be scheduled by phone. NO UNAUTHORIZED DROP OFFS Typically scheduled for after 3pm and no later than 6pm.

We have very LIMITED PARKING SPACES. These are the hardest to schedule and most likely we will have to call you when a space becomes available.

Scheduling for Repair or Install: By appointment only. 

We schedule installs when all your parts have arrived.

Repairs are scheduled by symptom. We can't have 10 trucks come in for very time consuming diagnosis all at once.

*We currently DO NOT have a waiting room. We encourage you to set up a ride before your appointment. We DO work with you on dropping off and picking up your vehicle. Depending on the day, we will stay later than 5pm so rides are easier to manage.

*If it is for sure a one day job and you can't coordinate a ride, we suggest bringing your beach gear to enjoy a day at the beach located to the side of our property.

See the beauty below: