Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance services keep your truck running smooth and efficient. By bringing your vehicle in for regular services, we are able to prevent more costly repairs. These services include:

-Oil change: Change motor oil and filter based on manufacturers recommendations.

-Fuel Filter: Change upper and lower (if vehicle has) fuel filters based on manufacturers recommendations.

-Brakes: Front and rear brake pads are measured, recommend replacing at a certain thickness. Rotors are either replaced or resurfaced depending on the measured thickness. Calipers are reused unless sticking has been a concern.

-Air Conditioning: Recharge and inject dye to locate leaks. Replace components if it is needed. Thorough diagnosis is recommended if experiencing concerns with warm air, not blowing at all or intermittently.

-Belts/Pulleys: Serpentine and/or AC belts are inspected for cuts, stringing, or signs of wear. Replacement is an option. Pulleys are inspected, replacement is an option.

-Tire Rotate: Rotate tires, dual rear wheels require a different appointment as the actual tire will need to come off the wheel.

-Transmission Flush: Older trucks are able to hook up to our flush machine and the fluid is then pulled out and replaced with new fluid. Transmission filters are replaced. Both are done at your vehicle manufacturers recommended intervals. In some newer model trucks, the flush will take longer as the pan will need to be dropped instead of hose hook up.

Differential Services: Fluid is replaced, gears are inspected, and seal is reapplied/replaced.

During these services, we look over the suspension components of your vehicle and check levels of all fluids. We thoroughly look over your entire vehicle and will let you know if we find something that needs immediate attention. If you do have concerns, this is the best time to let us know so we can look into them.


Steering and Suspension parts are inspected, adjustments are made and replaced based on wear and tear. This category is monitored with your preventative maintenance services.

-Ball Joints


-Leveling Kits


-Wheels and Tires


    Engine repairs from the top to the bottom oil pan. We are equipped to pull an engine, rebuild components and replace with updated parts. Engine swaps are very common also, many manufacturers warranties are a better option than short term used engines. Engine concerns are first diagnosed then quoted based on the future visions of the customer.


    Our specialty is in Ford Power Stroke Diesels, but we are more than capable of repairing other light duty diesel trucks, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet GMC Duramax. Repairs are done after complete diagnosis and approval by the customer. We cover everything except paint and body. If you don't know if we can do it, please just call us and ask. At this time we are only accepting light-duty diesel and fleet gas vehicles.


    Lifts are a blast for us. We will guide you through a basic lift or leveling kit, to the most extreme lift options. Some kits are more intricate than others. We do ask for your patience in ordering the more intricate lifts as there is a lead time to build them, powder coat your chosen color, then ship to us. Once we receive all your parts, then we will begin the installation process. Patience! We do awesome work and leave your truck in better condition than we found it. Sometimes waiting one more day ends up with a free detail. We do have a variety of lift companies that we can offer you to meet your price range and style. Some are on our store site and others are not. Please call.


Diagnostic tools for repair facilities are different than your rented one from a parts store. We use the newest technology combined with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. YouTube, Google, and Forums are not how we determine what your truck needs. Diag is not always fast and it's certainly not always easy. Please expect to leave your vehicle with us for 2-3 days depending on the concerns and what we find.


Transmission repairs and replacement, transmission flush, installation, and diagnosis. We are set up to pull your transmission and inspect or replace parts. If we feel it is better to replace the transmission completely, we will order in the transmission for you and also take care of sending back the core. We are also capable of replacing clutches for all our manual truck drivers out there.